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Dennis Winter and Jeff LeFevre are the contractors of our company. Dennis has been in the business since 1968 and Jeff has been working with him since 1995. They do all the building construction, setting up the work site. They also set up and coordinate all the work for the Subs. John is our grandson and is starting to learn the business. He helps to clean up and haul needed items.

Alex Winter and Paula LeFevre are our two design people. Alex does the CAD drawings for our customers who need them. Alex has an Associate Degree in Applied Science for Architectural Technology, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology. Paula helps with the design and layout. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art & Design with a Minor in Architectural Technology.


Carolyn is the wife of Dennis. She does all the bookwork and takes care of most of the ordering. She also does any miscellaneous jobs that need doing. All in all she is The Heart of the Company.

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