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Dennis Winter and his fine company, Winter's Custom Homes, built our home in Garden, Michigan. The quality of the work done by Winter's Custom Homes is exemplary. Our home was finished on time, as promised. Costs were always as quoted. Any issues, of which there were very few, were addressed immediately and completely to our satisfaction. Our home is beautiful and we continually receive compliments on the quality of the workmanship. We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Winter's Custom Homes.

Barry & Judy Fues
Crystal Lake, IL

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We first had Dennis do an addition on our log home on Big Bay de Noc. He did such a fantastic job that we knew that if we ever needed the use of a builder again, he would have the job. He actually took the time to make inside peaks that were made up of several diagonal logs so that the addition would look and have the same feel as the rest of the cottage. When we decided to build a year round home on Lake Michigan, we were delighted that he was available and we would not have to wait in line. This was to be our dream home and Dennis and Jeff made it just that. Dennis does virtually finish carpentry work even on the rough carpentry. He is a perfectionist and it shows in the finished home. My parents came up and spent a week with us after we moved in and at the end of the week my dad said, "I've been examining the workmanship for a week and I can't find a single thing that isn't just right." We worked with him paying him an hourly rate for his time and then paying for all of the materials ourselves and Dennis still tried to find ways to save us money on the materials. He has an exceptional work ethic and is always on the job (except for the first day of deer hunting season) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. He is a person of the highest integrity. You can trust him completely---no questions. The way this reads you would think he was family and in a way he becomes "family" since you work so closely with him to build your dream house and you can't thank him enough for the fantastic job that he did for you in making a dream a reality.

Dennis & Jean King
Pinckney, Mi,


Denny built our 'dream home on the lake' a few years ago, and it was, and continues to be just a perfect experience.  There is nothing more stressful than building a home (in our case, a second home) 'long distance'.  Denny and Carolyn made every moment a joy, from the first meeting, to finalizing the plan, to positioning the home site correctly on the lot, through the construction and finishing of the home.  Denny emailed pictures of the progress every week, and always made us feel totally welcome on the work site when we came up for an 'in person' look.  We received a detailed summary of work and costs every month as construction progressed.  The quality of construction is amazing, as is the level of finish detail (Denny's finish work is something to behold!).  The home still feels like it was just built.  Carolyn even coordinated our furniture delivery when construction was completed, and met the delivery truck at the house.  Amazing!  Denny continues to check on each of his homes personally to make sure everything is OK during the long winter.  Supreme quality, honesty, service and detail.


Kati and I cannot recommend a builder more highly than Denny (and of course, Jeff and Carolyn!) 

Ken & Katie Jung

Gross Point Farms, MI


When we decided to build a lakefront vacation home, we explored various options and decided to have Winter's Custom Homes construct it.  We never regretted our decision.  Dennis is an outstanding woodworker!  Sometimes, we look at our vaulted ceiling and marvel at the way all of the cedar is aligned in a perfect pattern.  Although we were seldom present during the building process, we never had to worry because Dennis and Carolyn have great integrity.  In 2009, we asked for some updates on our home, and they have been successfully completed. We would not hesitate to recommend Winter's Custom Homes to anyone who wants a solidly-built home with quality workmanship.  Outstanding talent, nice people - the perfect combination for a pleasant home building experience!


Neil & Belle McPhee

Fenton, Mi.


We have done a number of construction projects over the years, but we have never had a project go as smoothly as those we did with Denny and the rest of the crew at Winter’s Custom Homes.  Denny built a new home for us and completely renovated a second home, all of which was done with us living out of town.  Long distance construction projects can be difficult, but at each step of the way, from budgeting through the punch list, the integrity, quality and attention to detail that characterizes Denny’s work was tremendous.   The projects were on time and on budget and better built than we ever expected.  We would strongly recommend anyone considering a house project, large or small, to use Winter’s Custom Homes

Stephen & Alisoun Brewster

Chicago. IL


Working with the crew of Winter's Custom Homes was a pleasure throughout the process of designing and building our house. As first time home builders, they helped us through the many options for design choices, materials and fixtures. Dennis even changed the size of a room after the initial framing when we could see that we had spec'ed it to be too small


The quality of their workmanship is spectacular and Dennis maintains an interest in his homes and his clients long after the house is finished. Working with Dennis, Carolyn, Jeff and Alex was a great introduction to this beautiful area and not only did we get a remarkable home we are pleased to call them our friends.


Dan Sandin & Mary Rasmussen
Chicago IL


They are true professionals.  They are very conscientious  when it comes to details..      The customer can leave for weeks at a time, while knowing that their home

 project is in good and safe hands. The customer does not need to be watching

every move they make to insure things are done right. They come up with creative solutions on things. And are great at problem solving. Jeff’s art background and expertise is a huge asset, when it comes to solving  problems in regards to aesthetics, such as color choices, layouts, siting of display lights, decorative additions and etc


They have great communication skills. They answer calls promptly, and keep

customers continuously informed with photographs and e-mails.  One can

visually see how the project is coming along, even when not on the home site.bThey are advocates of the customer and will give advice if they think that the

customer may be shooting himself in the foot on something. But ultimately the customer is the deciding factor on final solutions.


They work well with other contractors, coordinating schedules, working

problems out, etc..They are flexible and able to work with customers, who want to supply some of the  materials. They are dedicated to the job from beginning to end. They do not unexpectedly leave in midstream to work on another  project, unless an emergency comes up.They  “know their stuff” all aspects of a job from top to bottom, such as

electrical, plumbing, and of course carpentry. And what they don’t know in

regards to innovative things, they are willing to research and learn that as well.

 Dennis Winter is truly a master carpenter. And his crew follows suit on this. They don’t take short cuts on their own. Instead their aim is to be precise and do quality work in everything they do, without unsound compromises being made, while the customer is gone. They work with customers on where to save money, without sacrificing soundness.

Carolyn Winter keeps good records on costs and payments and will send spreadsheets to the customers.They ask questions of the customers, before doing something. They don’t make assumptions and then do something that the customer may not be happy with.

They are willing to give a project that extra extra effort, up and beyond the call of duty.

Ex. A desk did not fit through the doorway. They tried to take off the molding to make it fit, which didn’t work. So they took the desk apart, moved it in, and reglued it back together better than what it had already been.


They are really good at knowing where to place such things as electrical outlets, switches, spot lights and etc. and how many to have. It’s the little things like this that can be so meaningful and appreciated later on downthe line.

Everything is done in a timely manner. The crew works efficiently. They are diplomatic and courteous at all times with customers, which is nice. We customers can be pretty ignorant and insistent about that in regards to building things at times. And Dennis and his crew know how to explain things in ways we can understand, without us feeling stupid or disrespected.They are really good on being able to modify designs to fit the customer


The crew members in“Winter’s Custom Homes” are well liked and respected by their customers. Past customers would come out and visit them at our work site and had many positive and glowing things to say about these home builders.

Once the job is done, there is a follow up of questions that ask the customer if everything is okay. Our experience is that such follow up is rare. Once done, usually other contractors are long gone and aren’t concerned about such things. But the Dennis Winter crew takes pride in their work and wants customers to be satisfied.There will be no hidden surprises with a Winter’s Custom Home. Other contractors will try and save themselves money and increase their profits by taking questionable short cuts in quality of materials and workmanship at the customer’s expense and home.  The customer can rest assured that such things as poor wiring behind walls will not exist.


John Gavre & Cristi Currie

Garden, MI

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