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But here's a little about Winter's Custom Homes

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The Winter’s Custom Homes name is at the forefront of the local custom home industry, truly making them the distinctive home builder of the Big Bay de Noc area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

With a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for helping people obtain their dreams, Denny and Jeff have become two of the most well-respected builders in the area. The Winter’s Custom Homes reputation was created quite simply through quality craftsmanship and homeowner satisfaction.

As a result of their extreme commitment to quality and reputation, Winter’s Custom Homes advertises only through word of mouth and commits to just “BUILDING THEM ONE AT A TIME”. This allows the builders to dedicate as much time as needed to the homeowner making it as enjoyable and worry free as possible.

The company was formed in the late 40’s by Denny’s Dad, Virgel “Bud” Winter. Denny learned the craft from his Dad during his high school years and joined the Company in 1968 after his tour in Viet-Nam as a carpenter. Each of his 4 children worked with him during their summers off from school until they graduated from college. Jeff joined the company in 1996 after marriage to our daughter Paula.

Winter’s Custom Homes can build your home with a full set of blueprints or just a snapshot of your dream home.

You can count on a one-on-one relationship with us. We enjoy being involved in all of our projects from conception to completion. We plan every detail with you. Each project we build is one-of-a-kind and is customized to your specific needs and discerning tastes. We start from the drawing board and think through the entire project from start to finish before any work starts


Winter’s Custom Homes handles projects including remodels, additions, renovations and repairs.  All of these involve an existing structure which can present challenges and complexity that are not a concern in new construction. You can be confident that we have seen and successfully dealt with almost every situation in our more than 40 years of residential construction experience. We welcome new challenges to solve – no matter how simple or complex your project is


You can trust us. We provide professional attention to detail, less waste, reliable subs and supplies, clean and orderly job sites for a safe and productive working environment.

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